Nathaniel turned to Michael.
“Would you like to see my pet dragon?”
“Pardon?” said Michael and Timothy together. “Did you say a pet dragon?”
“Of course, haven’t you got a pet?”
“Well, yes we have. We have a pet hamster we keep in the shed, and he’s called Ginger”
“Oh,” said Adam, “we eat hamsters.”
“Not Ginger you don’t” said Timothy.
Nathaniel grabbed hold of Michael’s arm. “Come on,” he said. “we have lots to show you.”


“Oh wow!” the three boys exclaimed together. They were standing in the doorway of what had once been a block of three stables that had now been knocked in to one large room. There in the middle of the straw-strewn room stood a large bright yellow dragon. The boys were unable to speak. Timothy had bought a chicken leg with him from the hall as a snack for later, and he dropped it in awe.
“I thought dragons only existed in story books, i never thought they would be yellow!”Robert managed to say, “And now we’ve met a real one!”
Zio looked over to Robert.
“Ahhhchoo! Sorry, i have a terrible cold. Lots of people are surprised when they meet a dragon for the first time.”
As the dragon sneezed a small ball of flame shot out of his nose and set fire to the straw at his feet. Zio stamped it out with one of his big feet.
“I’m yellow today because i am happy because i am happy but u can change to any colour that you like if that’s better”
As he spoke Zio slowly turned green.
“I think this is a better colour as i don’t feel very well.”
Robert, Timothy and Michael all sat down suddenly on the straw behind them. Rebekah looked at her brothers and Tobias and shrugged her shoulders.
“Haven’t you seen a dragon before? They are quite common.”

To purchase the book in the UK click here.
For those of you in the US you can purchase using this link.

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