“Oi! You two get over here!”
The Boys span round and found themselves looking at a rather cross policeman.
“What do you think you’re doing over here?” He demanded.
“Sorry,” Robert began, “we were looking for the loo.”
“There’s toilets on the train now move!”
Robert and Tobias ran, they caught up to the others as they went through the barriers on the platform.
“Where did you go?” asked Michael.
“Just the loo.” lied Tobias, in case anyone else was listening.
The children were ushered towards the waiting train.
Robert and Tobias looked at each other in panic.
“What do we do?” asked Robert. He Looked at the train that they should be getting on according to Obeny. It was on the platform next to the one they were on. Timothy. Michael and Phoebe were already on the wrong train and Tom was just getting on.
“Come on” Tom called to his new friends. Robert looked at Tobias again.
“I’ve got an idea, quick follow me”
Robert got onto the train with the others. Tobias followed, confused.
“Robert, you heard what Obeny said. We mustn’t get on this train.”
“Who’s Obeny?” Phoebe asked.
Robert looked at the others, trying to ignore Phoebe’s question.
“Do you all trust me?” he asked. Timothy and Michael nodded. They trusted their big brother with their lives. Tobias said that he did. They all looked at Tom and Phoebe.
Tom looked at his sister who nodded. Tom wasn’t sure what to do, but he was sure he never wanted to lose these new friends.
“I guess,” he said slowly.
“Good, follow me” Robert led the Children to the noisiest part of the train as far away from any adults as he could. There were loads on children laughing and messing about. Robert very gently opened the door on the opposite side of the train, away from the platform and he jumped out onto the ground. He stood by one of the wheels of the train and realized for the first time how huge it was. He beckoned to the others to join him. His brothers were out almost as fast as Robert. Phoebe and Tom both looked scared. Tobias gently picked up the girl and dropped her out of the train to Robert. Outside the Guard blew his train whistle, signaling the driver to start. Tobias looked at Tom.
“We have to be quick!”
Tom didn’t want to be picked up, so he jumped and landed on the rough gravel, badly grazing his knee.
Tobias jumped just as the train started to move.
“Quick,” Robert called, and he darted under the other train pulling Tom with him. The others followed. The train they had just been on pulled out of the station and started on it’s journey. If Robert had been a few seconds slower, one or all of the children would have crushed by the huge wheels.


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