MarcGrimston_Framlingham (500x406) I grew up in Essex, England; when I was a young boy we lived within walking distance of the sea.  All my life I have loved being by the coast, it inspires me, lifts me, gives me life.

I moved with my parents and brothers to Colchester when I was nine.  Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England and dates to Roman times.  This is where I found a love of history.  I went to a public school in Colchester but was more interested in messing about than paying attention in class, it was more fun.  My teachers gave up on me as I seemed to be useless at everything, I could not spell or concentrate.  I left in 1977 with no qualifications.

At eighteen I moved to Lowestoft in Suffolk both to be near the sea again and also to do a course on boat building.  After completing the training I returned home to my parents while I looked for employment.  I moved to Woodbridge in Suffolk to take on the role of apprentice boat-fitter, I lasted just under a year; I was sacked for being too cocky!  Apparently I had a vivid imagination and could not concentrate on my work.  I then spent six very happy years working within the U.S. Air Force, by far the happiest years of my working life.  While I lived in Woodbridge I discovered the two castles that were later to feature in my book, Framlingham and Orford.  I married in 1991 and divorced in 2004, since then I have moved onto my own narrow boat on a quiet stretch of river .  I can think of nowhere I would rather live.  I spend my summer weekends on the bow writing the next story with a view, what could be better?

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